Our team

Vaisakh Manoj Menon

Chief Executive Officer

Adam Yahiya Nissar

Social Media Coordinator

Adithya Arun Kumar

Head of Operations

"Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much."

-Helen Keller

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Eric Harrin
a.k.a PMP-PUMP

Rapper, Musical Advisor

Amy Jacob

Singer, Songwriter

“The experience was wonderful! It was rewarding to work with Plug for Change and it allowed me to introspect on the state of the world in the process of song writing. Plug For Change was very accommodating every step of the way and I truly appreciated the opportunity!”

Annjos Joseph

Sound Editor, Mixing and Mastering

“It was a great experience working with the Plug For Change team and associate myself with this inspiring project. Music is my passion and the opportunity to connect with this great movement through music has truly been wonderful and inspiring. As a school graduate and about to get into a music college for my graduate studies, it has been great privilege for me to work with so many upcoming musicians and other youngsters in this venture which was really fun and a truly enriching feeling. I am sure this will be a stepping stone in my music career as well as a splendid lesson in polishing my music skills. I am highly indebted to all who worked with me in realizing this project and making it a thoroughly joyful and learning experience. This has helped me learn several new things and I hope to associate with such projects in future.”

Nirat Pai


“It was a great experience working with y'all and for a great cause too. I thoroughly enjoyed every single part of it.”

Abhay Bobby


“It’s been a great honor to work with the team in creating an amazing song. Their help and support did give me great comfort in contributing to the organization. It would also give me great pleasure to be part of the upcoming endeavors with all of you.Thank you for having me!”

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